Kailani Surfboards is dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Our mission is creating custom boards that suit your level of surfing so that you can optimize performance and enhance your surfing experience. All of our boards are manufactured in Oceanside California, USA using only the highest quality materials.

Owner and shaper, Julio Nurse, uses the slogan “LA FORMULA” to represent his company because he attributes all of his past experiences and present influences and into his work. In addition to having experience competing at a professional level Julio also has an extensive background working with the some of the best in the industry. Rusty Presendorfer from Rusty surfboards, and former ‘Shaper of the Year’, helped to mentor Julio as a shaper, an experience Julio will always be grateful for. He has had the opportunity to work at The Lab Surf Company producing many of the best boards in the world, including all of our Kailani Surfboards.

And he has learned to build surfboards from the ground up, having experience in every step of production. Through these experiences he has been able to excel at understanding his profession and has grown confident in the quality of his work. As a shaper, he is constantly inventing new formulas and designs, keeping up with the newest technology and not afraid to try new things that could possibly revolutionize surfing.