X-Flex Formula 4.0 technology

The XFlex Formula 4.0 is the newest technology in surfboard design. Shaper, Julio Nurse, created this new technology to give the surfer more precise and accurate surfing by placing two carbon strips on the deck in the shape of an ‘X‘ which creates a center radial flex point with four anchor points. This allows the surfer to feel the four most critical flex points of the board; from back to front, from front to back and rail to rail. This special ‘X‘ placement also takes place of the common tail patch by adding strength to the area yet allowing more flex. A carbon strip is placed on the bottom of the board to help support the board’s spring from the bottom to the deck. This unique carbon placement is complimented with Kailani’s exclusive 1/2″ high density foam by Marko Foam (an eco-friendly, eps blank). After lots of R&D we found that the 1/2″ HD foam is the best combination of flex when combined with the carbon. Our final product is strong yet remains super light, holding true to the Kailani name. The XFlex Formula 4.0 technology is available in all high performance models and is available in any desired color.

EPOLY is a technology that combines using a polyester blank with epoxy resin. The magic of this formula is that by using epoxy resin we create a stronger product  yet we are able to keep the original flex pattern of the poly blank.
Other advantages of this formula are:
  • Whiter, brighter appearance
  • Lighter for increased performance
  • Stronger for increased durability
  • Better bonding properties allows it to not stiffen over time
  • Higher resale value
  • Reduced environmental impact by eliminating poly resin.
 Available in all models.